A unique hotel project in Central Asia

Alpine dome hotel

Eco Sustainability and Local Power

Opening first dome summer 2021

Alpine dome hotel | Pamir alay

Unique and only project in Pamir

The Dome Hotel

Explore the Pamirs from The Alpine Dome Hotel on the famous Pamir Highway (M41) with its 3450m above sea level it is one of the highest mountain hotels in the world and for sure the highest dome hotel in the world. The unique architecture of our 2 connecting domes with each a diameter of 14m will make your stay an unforgettable experience!

Meet the man behind the hotel

Nice to meet you!

This challenging project, the realization of the Alpine Dome Hotel Pamir Alay, is my long-lasting dream that will come through soon. I want to become an example for those who live in remote alpine mountain areas. To show that by developing eco-tourism, a difference can be made towards a better future for the local community.

Explore The Wonderful Area of the Pamir Alay​

"The Roof of the World"

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