Nice to meet you!

my long-lasting dream!

Dear Alpine lovers,

This challenging project, the realization of the Alpine Dome Hotel Pamir Alay, is my long-lasting dream that will come through soon. We started with the construction in Summer 2020, and we plan to open before Summer 2021.

Together with my wife and sons, we have built up step-by-step our Eco-guesthouse in Osh since 2008. With pleasure, we are hosting guests from all over the world in our 18-room small hotel. Though, something was pulling myself to the place where my father, grandfather and ancestors grew up, the remote alpine mountain areas of Pamir Alay. When organizing excursions for my eco-house guests to my beloved places of origin, I noticed that young people have left the place and local traditions slowly disappeared. I realized the importance to develop sustainable tourism to save these remote areas and their culture and traditions, and that I, myself, with the support of my family and friends, should be a participant in this process. This is the motivation behind our project, investing in my dream to build this eco-friendly hotel in the place of my roots. I want to become an example for those who live in remote alpine mountain areas. To show that by developing eco-tourism, a difference can be made towards a better future for the local community.

I am really looking forward to share my dream with you very soon.

Warmest regards,


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