Pamir Alay Region

Kyrgyzstan - central Asia

Pamir Highway - silk Road - Pamir Mountains - Lenin Peak

"Experience the wonders of the Pamir Alay by exploring its magnificent landscapes and geologic formations. We encourage our travelers to immerse themselves in these outdoor settings and experience the nature at its purest state."

Pamir Highway

From this road, you can look at China, peek into Pakistan and wave to villagers in Afghanistan.

Stretching more than 1,200km between the cities of Osh in Kyrgyzstan and Dushanbe in Tajikistan, the Pamir Highway is one of the wildest roads in the world – and for the adventurous traveler, possibly the planet’s most epic road trip. The road travels through savage wilderness, ranging from high desert to snowy mountains and crossing passes of more than 4,000m, and is likely inhabited by more snow leopards and spiral-horned Marco Polo sheep than humans.


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Pamir Mountains

The Pamir Mountains are one of the most spectacular and, at the same time, loneliest high mountain ranges in the world

The Pamirs are one of the highest mountain ranges in the world.

Trekking experiences run from a day hike from our Dome Hotel to varied multi-day treks that deliver stunning views, remoteness and some of the most worthwhile trekking tours Kyrgyzstan has to offer. Experience some of the region’s beautiful alpine lakes, snow-covered peak panoramas, and connect with the local people and culture in a single day.

And, you’ll likely have the trails all to yourself.


Lenin Peak

(7,134 metres)

One of the most popular affordable “seven thousand meters” in the world! 

As one of the world’s most famous 7000ers, Lenin Peak poses an interesting dare for any mountaineer.  However, climbing Lenin Peak is not only about getting to the summit. With its stunning landscapes and lush valleys this majestic mountain has a special charm. Furthermore, you may find some interesting Soviet artifacts on the way.  Also, the nomad culture in the region is very much alive and open to foreign visitors. If you are passionate about mountaineering and discovering new cultures then this is definitely one mountain that you should visit. The Lenin peak is only 72km away from our Dome Hotel which makes us the perfect place to relax and get one last good night sleep before starting your  to the summit. 

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activities & Excursion services

Hiking tours

Explore the best of the Alay Mountains on a guided tour and discover one of the most stunning mountain regions in the world that are still unknown…for now.

Horseback riding

To go horse riding in the Pamir Alay is to immerse yourself in the thousand-year-old lifestyle of the Kyrgyz nomads.

Traditional bread making

When visiting Kyrgyzstan, it is a must to try the many delicious and traditional dishes of the country. The preparation techniques and main ingredients have been strongly influenced by the nation's historically nomadic way of life. In our Dome you are invited to join our cooks to prepare the Kyrgyz traditional bread.

Mountain biking

An epic, high-altitude bicycle ride through spectacular, remote mountains. At the cutting edge of adventure cycling, this journey offers a fascinating insight into the beauties of our region.

Free riding

Skiing down untouched slopes covered in fresh powder snow; freeriding is simply the purest form of skiing! The hillsides around our Dome Hotel are a perfect location to give it a try!


Pamir Alay, a granite climbing paradise! There is endless scope for exploratory climbing and many as-yet-unclimbed summits beckon the experienced mountaineer in search of a fresh challenge.

In addition to your stay in our Dome Hotel, book an excursion to enhance your Pamir Alay experience.

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